Castor Clay | Sampoorna series | Complete nutrition | Pathogen free | 1 Kg

Castor Clay | Sampoorna series | Complete nutrition | Pathogen free | 1 Kg

Sold By : Ecotika Elite
Sold By : Ecotika Elite


₹ 499/- and above free shipping pan India

Castor-Clay is a member of Sampoorna series of dual use fertilizer blends that have been based on Oil seed meal fortified with various exotic natural minerals for a holistic approach to plant nutrition. More than providing nutrition to plants this blend as per Ecotika’s design philosophy takes care of soil health.

To cater to maintaining and promoting soil health, this blend for the first time incorporates a special blend of Montmorillonite clays. Clay as we know it, especially Montmorillonite clay can be a boon to soil health. They, Boost water holding capacity, increase CEC and thus increase nutrient holding capacity, harbor vital soil bacteria and Fungi that ensures living soil. For more details on clay click here


₹ 499/- and above free shipping pan India

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Product Details


Castor Clay

Castor clay as the name suggests primarily contain Castor seed meal and blend of montmorillonite clays. Apart from these two main components it also contains various exotic natural minerals that have the capacity to release nutrients from within a few days of application to 5 years.

Castor seed meal is known for its nutrient contents and its richness in Nitrogen. It also plays the role of natural pest repellent, maintaining soil pH and to some extent helps to loosen tightly bound soil particles.

Where to use ?

  • Castor clay application can be useful in soils that are more sandy, are poor in holding water and nutrients.
  • Castor Clay can benefit almost all plant types, but use of this product must be done with caution with plants preferring acidic soil like citrus, blue berries, onion etc (meaning to say try with small quantities initially, although they have found mixed results tilting towards  positive response)
  •  Fruiting trees like Mango, Pomegranate, etc, Flowering plants like jasmine, Lily, Chrysanthemum and established lawns can benefit from its application.
  • This is practically all weather- all plant fertilizer.


  • For pots; a starting dose of 25 to 40 grams (i.e a small bowl) is a good starter, it is recommended that any new fertilizer be introduced to plant starting with small dosage and incrementing in small steps.
  • For trees; 70 to 100 grams is recommended.
  • For Plantation beds; 100 to 150 grams per 2 sq.meters will be a good start.
  • For New soil preparation for plantation beds or pots, While making new soil for plantation beds and pots 5% of the soil content can be thoroughly mixed with the soil.


Application methodology

Method -1; General surface broadcast is easiest when a large application surface is exists. This blend is suitable for surface broadcast (Refer pic-1)


surface broadcast of fertilzier

Picture-1, Surface broadcast of fertilizer

Method-2; Trench Application is suitable but is considered the best method when the area of application is small like a pot (refer pic-2)

make a trench to apply fertilizer

Picture-2, Trench around plant to apply fertilizer

Method-3; Mix in new potting mix, small quantities in dosage mention above can be thoroughly mixed with soil while making beds or pots.


This product is made from plant based ingredients and natural minerals. This product does not contain,

  • Animal Manure,
  • Sewage sludge
  • Bio solids
  • Synthetic chemical
  • Slaughter house waste




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