Dr. Rich (Reduce And Stabilize Ph, TDS and EC of Spray Solution) Eco-Friendly | 1lit

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pH Balancer

PH Balancer is a very innovative product from Anand Agro Care that helps not only to maintain the pH of spray solution but also stabilizes their pH for a longer period of time.

The ideal range of pH

1) For dipping: 5.5 to 6.5 in grapes crop

2) For foliar spray: 6 to 6.5



1) Tap water is used in the above trails.

2) The pH balancer dosage may vary according to the type of water and pH, TDS, EC of the particular water.

3) Generally 0.5 ml/liter water dosage is optimum for agriculture usage.


1) By the use of Dr. Rich, the activity of pesticides, weedicides, and other nutrients, etc. will increase than normal.

2) It helps to reduce salt (Minerals), T.D.S. and E.C of water which also helps to make the nutrients available to plants easily.

3) It never retains any stains over an applied area of the plant.

4) It helps to maintain pH of the tank-mix solution during spray.

5) It is compatible with all types of chemical and organic inputs uses in agriculture.

6) This product can be used for the commercial industries to reduce pH, TDS, and EC in waste water.

7) It is a 100 % Eco-friendly product.

Address of origin: Nashik, MAHARASHTRA, 422004


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