Fast Stick Surface Tension Reducing Agent, High Quality Adjuvant , Neutral. | 1Lit

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Fast stick 

Product description: – 

The fast stick is a high-quality spray adjuvant and a surface tension-reducing agent. By using a Fast stick, the effectiveness of the ingredient in the spraying solution is increasing and hence, the solution becomes more active. It is mainly used to control the wash-out of spray solution from plants due to rain.


Benefits :

  • It increases the efficiency of the spraying solution.
  • It work as sticker for spraying solution on the leaf surface.
  • It uniformly spreads on the leaf surface.
  • It reduces the repetitive spraying in rainy season therefore reduces extra expenses.
  • It is a natural sticker that does not affect the pH of the spraying solution.

Compatibility :

  • It can be use with all nutrients, pesticides and fungicides.

Application & dosage :– Foliar application/ Paste application:-  0.5 to 1 ml/ liter

Targeted Crops:- All vegetables, fruits & other Crops.

Address of origin: Nashik, MAHARASHTRA, 422004





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