Gana Jeevamrutha | Natural fertilizer | Set of 5 bags of 1kg each

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  • Ganajeevamrutha is a natural input for agriculture. As the name indicates its the nectar of life “Amrut”. It Rejuvenates plants. Food produced by this input boosts Immunity and Elevates healthy living.

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  • Gana Jeevamrutham is an natural input for agriculture. This is used instead of DAP and Urea which are chemical input.
  • This can be applied for any crop to enrich the soil and also to increase the greenery in the plants and crops. First application within one week from the date of harvest: or within one week from sowing the crop. This application has to be applied in wet soil.
  • The nitrogen requirement of the soil will be enriched. Gana Jeevamrutham mixed with micro organisms, when it is applied in soil, it slowly dissolves in soil and releases micro organisms. There are few elements contained in the soil which are not in the form the roots can directly absorb, these organisms convert the elements in the form which roots can directly absorb.
  • for Kitchen/Terrace Garden 100g per 12 inch pot is the recommended dose to be repeated every 3 months.
  • For Farms 100kgs per acre every six months is the recommended dosage.

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Weight 5.6 kg
Dimensions 50 × 24 × 20 cm

Bio-fertilizer, Natural soil input


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