Real Sona (Grapes Special) Improves Length Bunch Berry, Color & Weight Of Grapes | 1 lit

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1) Real Sona is a unique blend of elongation hormones Control berry dropping.
2) Real Sona is used for the improvement of the length of the grape bunch and berry, size, color & weight of the grapes.
3) Formation of shoots and buds.
4) It is mainly used in Sonaka & other elongated variety.
5) Its use enhances the shelf life of harvested produce.
6) No residue found in grapes.


1. Hydrolyzed Protein: Helps in the biosynthesis of hormones, enzymes and membrane channels and pumps of plants
2. Folic Acid: Helps to plant grow healthily and heavily
3. Auxins: Promote stem elongation and inhibit the growth of lateral buds
4. Natural Vitamins B1, B2: Formation of shoots and buds
5. B6 & B12: Cells as a cofactor for several metabolic enzymes
6. Natural Cytokinin: Increased cell division
7. Elongation Harmons: Help in cell elongation of grapes
8. IAA: Break apical dominance and increases the growth of the main stem

For Grapes –
1st Dipping: 0.5 ml per Liter of Water
2nd Dipping: 1 ml per Liter of Water
3rd Dipping: 1.5 ml per Liter of Water

For foliar spray: 1.5 to 2 ml per Liter of Water

ESS Machine Spray: 600 ml per acre.

Address of origin: Nashik, MAHARASHTRA, 422004


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