Ecotika Tangy Lemons | Liquid Fertilizer Blend | 1 Liter

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Key Features,
  1. Ready to use liquid blend
  2. Unique formula for soil application,
  3. Contains all vital nutrients for complete nutrition
  4. Contains premium extracts for tangy lemons and citrus
  5. Free from Slaughter house wastes, fish emulsions, sewage sludge etc.
  6. Free from Pathogens and foul smell.
  7. 30 mL per liter every 15 to 20 days.
  8. One liter makes 30 liters of fertilizer liquid.


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Tangy Lemons

Tangy Lemons is a unique blend made for Lemons and Citrus variety plants. This blend contains extracts of oil seed meals and sea weed, combined with OMRI certified and allowed ingredients to make it the most complete and holistic nutrition possible in liquid format. 

Tangy Lemons not only provides nutrition to your plants but also nourishes the soil and micro environment. It also helps in maintaining a slight acidic pH that lemon loves. 

All in all this is not just a fertilizer but a pamper pack for your loved Citrus.

Doseage:  1 bottle of 1 liter makes 30 liters of liquid fertilizer. In short add one full scoop of this liquid to 1 liter of normal tap water and soak your plants soil with it.

Application method: This product is for Fertigation and not for foliar spray. Add this liquid in the proportion mentioned with the water and soak plants soil with it. Repeat after every 15 to 20 days. This is a very mild liquid and will help to slowly nourish your plant without overdosing it. 

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