Ecotika is made by joining two words Ecology and Vatika. Vatika is a Hindi word which translates to Garden. Seeds of Ecotika were sown in the year 2014, when we started researching and rediscovering traditional means of fertilizing plants. We were in search of fertilizing components from past that are more relevant now and bring about positive transformation in way India fertilizes plants and especially Urban India. We wanted to make blends of these fertilizers that are complete nutrition solution to plants.

We had been researching on these fertilizers along with regular corporate job. Every seed takes its own time to germinate, so did Ecotika, after almost 5 years of non-stop hard work, we decided the time was ripe to offer these products to the world. Following passion and leaving almost a well settled corporate job we commenced our journey.

Come 2019, we established our first e-commerce web site to commercially offer these blends to Urban India. In one year commencing e-commerce operation, Ecotika’s fertilizers and blends are available across 9 different platform and with a huge fan following. Gardening enthusiasts are loving the articles posted and are using the products for the benefit of their plants and society.

With this concept at heart, Ecotika has developed this E-commerce marketplace to allow Manufacturers, traders, artisans and individuals who collectively bring Nature friendly products to cater all aspects of daily life in a more eco friendly and organic way.

This platform promotes local Indian brands, shopkeepers, traders and artisans who have good products to offer to the world, to have an opportunity  to expand and reach global audience. For Customers this platform will bring a bouquet of new products to choose from with the unique proposition of Free home delivery across India.


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