Gypsum (Iron-Zinc) | Source of Calcium, Sulphates, Iron and Zinc


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Key Features

  1. Contains Calcium, Sulphur, Iron and Zinc
  2. Suitable for all crops and in all seasons
  3. Saves money as one fertilizer provides All 4 nutrients
  4. Improves alkaline soil
  5. Helps to maintain acidic pH
  6. Helps soil absorb more water
  7. Improves yeild.



Give your plants the edge they crave with our innovative Gypsum-based fertilizer, infused with Iron and Zinc! This powerful formula goes beyond basic nutrients, providing a comprehensive boost to your garden’s health and productivity.

Supercharge Plant Growth with Essential Elements:

  • Calcium: The building block of strong cell walls, calcium also plays a critical role in nutrient uptake. It ensures your plants can efficiently utilize other vital elements for optimal growth.
  • Iron: The lifeblood of chlorophyll production, iron deficiency can lead to pale, stunted plants. Our formula provides readily available iron, promoting vibrant green leaves and maximizing photosynthesis.
  • Zinc: A crucial enzyme activator, zinc is essential for numerous plant functions. It supports healthy metabolism, promotes seed formation, and strengthens a plant’s natural defenses.
  • Sulphur: Often overlooked, sulphur is a cornerstone of healthy root development and protein synthesis. It also enhances nutrient utilization and helps plants better tolerate stress.

A Sustainable Choice for a Thriving Garden:

  • Naturally Derived: Made from gypsum, a naturally occurring mineral, our fertilizer provides a sustainable approach to plant nutrition.
  • Environmentally Friendly: By promoting healthy soil conditions, this formula fosters a thriving ecosystem in your garden, benefiting both plants and beneficial microbes.
  • Reduced Need for Multiple Products: This comprehensive solution provides a balanced combination of essential nutrients, eliminating the need for multiple fertilizers.

Suitable for All Crops and Growing Seasons:

This versatile fertilizer can be used with confidence on a wide range of plants, from vegetables and fruits to ornamentals and flowering shrubs. Its effectiveness extends throughout the growing season, ensuring your plants receive the support they need for continuous growth and optimal yields.

Additional information

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Dimensions 30 × 24 × 6 cm

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