Ecotika invites entrepreneurs, MSMEs, brands and private labels engaged in authentic, quality oriented products.

Join us in the movement

Who can be a part of our seller board?

  • Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Craftsmen, Individuals who make or deal in any of Organic, earth friendly, homemade, handmade, handicraft products and are as passionate as we are.

What categories or products can be sold?

  • We support and allow all the products and categories that help our customers to lead and sustain Organic way of life. These products include but not limited to Organic fertilizers, cookware, food containers, natural lifestyle products, food (Currently only certified organic food products with long shelf life like pulses etc) FMCG like toiletries, personal hygiene products must be certified organic and earth friendly preferably in earth friendly packaging.

 Okay, But can we sell Products that are not Organic?

Yes, you can. Our priorities are authentic brands and sellers who are serious about their products. If you are reseller we expect you to sell brands and goods that are authentic. If you own a private label, rest assured we will ensure that your label is not infringed by others on this platform. 
We welcome budding entrepreneurs to register and use this platform to offer their products to the world. Ecotika is willing and commits provide all sellers a level playing field, where the priorities are sellers and customers. 

What about Shipping?

There are two ways in which Ecotika can support the vendor in Shipping;

  1. Once you receive the order, as per vendors fulfillment time limit  (Cannot be more than 2 working days), Ecotika will arrange shipping from their registered address. Vendor only needs to keep the package ready and shipping worthy.
  2.  Ecotika provides “Fulfillment Services called Ecotika Elite” to its vendors (requires signing of a MOU after mutual agreement and freezing of rate schedule). Vendors can comfortably transfer inventory to Ecotika and we can take it from here. Vendors registered in our fulfillment service can also benefit from other sales channels of Ecotika like Amazon, Flipkart and retail channels while maintaining their individuality and brand identity.

What commission does Ecotika charge?

Ecotika, believes in business through transparency in charges, commission, and shipping rates. This allows for better clarity on pricing. We charge a minimum commission of 5% and maximum of 12% and this includes payment gateway charges.



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