Vendor aid for Packing and Shipping

Packing for shipment will decide your next order

Product packaging plays a vital role in attracting new customers, this is a universally accepted norm. But this norm gets modified when you operate in e-commerce environment, here the saying is the condition in which your product reaches customer will greatly decide your next order. In this vendor aid we will discuss about how to of ” Packing and shipping” your product when you receive your order.

Packing your product for Shipping

Following are the guidelines when you start preparing your product for shipping;

  1. Always choose the box/outer of suitable carrying capacity. This is to ensue that the box has sufficient strength to carry the product. For example if the gross weight of your product is 1 Kg, the carrying capacity of the outer must be at least 1.5 Kg.
  2. Size of outer packing should be such that after your product fits into outer there must be 5% to 10% space available in the outer.
  3. Fill the void space with suitable cushioning material to safeguard the product from shocks during shipping.
  4. If your product has sharp edges, ensure that these edges are covered with foam so that these edges do not damage the outer and in turn cause harm to person handling the package.
  5. If your product is fragile like Earthen ware or glass ware take all precautions while packing it. The product must be properly cushioned so that it does not even get damaged if accidentally dropped.
  6. If the package contains multiple fragile items ensure that each item is first individually packed in foam or suitable cushioning material. Thereafter, inside the packaging outer the items are isolated from the walls by cushioning material.
  7. Good material is economic, low bulk density, Environment friendly.  Examples are crumbled paper, corrugated box sheets and wastes, Inflatable air bags. Avoid packing peanuts as they are not environment friendly.
  8. Ensure that once the item is packed and there is no play in the box and under no circumstances the item can move inside the box.
  9. Once you are satisfied that your product is secure inside the box, close the box and seal it with shipping tapes in way that the box does not open.
  10. Paste the shipping label on top of the box (the shipping label will be provided by Ecotika MP). It is a good practice to use use sticky papers of A5 size for proper and legible label. Also, laminate the label with transparent tape so that the printing does not smudge and hence, ensuring that the package reaches destination safely.
  11. Paste additional stickers on the box if you wish to convey shipping instruction to the shipper.
  12. We do not encourage the use of plastic outer packing. If you face issues in arranging environment friendly packs do get in touch with us we will provide Ecotika standard packs for your products at reasonable cost.
  13. If you wish to design your own packaging our associates will help you get what you desire.

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