Combo | Agriculture grade Gypsum and Epsom | 1 Kg each


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Combination of Gypsum and Epsom salts 1 Kg each for supplying all the secondary nutrients to your garden. Suitable for Organic gardening and farming use.


Combination of Agriculture grade Gypsum and Epsom salt

A plant apart from three primary nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium needs equally vital secondary nutrients Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur. This combination of agriculture grade gypsum and Epsom salt provides all the secondary nutrients that your garden needs. These secondary nutrients are required for proper growth, production of vital growth enzymes, increasing photosynthetic efficiency and much more. Let’s look into the functions of all these three Secondary Nutrients;

Calcium (Ca)

Plants take up Ca as the Ca²⁺ cation. Once inside the plant, Ca functions in several essential ways.

  • Building Yields

    Calcium builds yields indirectly by improving root growth conditions and stimulating microbial activity, molybdenum (Mo) availability and uptake of other nutrients.

  • Form Nodules

    Calcium helps enable nitrogen (N)-fixing bacteria that form nodules on the roots of leguminous plants to capture atmospheric N gas and convert it into a form plants can use.

  • Stimulate Development

    Calcium stimulates root and leaf development, and affects uptake and activity of other nutrients.

  • Cell Walls

    Calcium helps form the compounds that make up part of cell walls, which in turn, strengthen the plant structure.

  • Balance Organic Acids

    Calcium helps balance organic acids within the plant as well as activates several plant enzyme systems.

  • Calcium Deficiencies

    Calcium deficiencies occur most often in acidic, sandy soils from which Ca leaches via rain or irrigation water.

  • Agriculture grade Gypsum   Gypsum is a source of Calcium and Sulphur, apart from providing two vital secondary nutrients it is very helpful as it does not leach so easily and supplies calcium for a long time. It also helps to reduce Alkalinity of soil due to salty water. It helps in loosening of tightly bound soils and thus helps to facilitate movement of water and air to roots.


Hidden in the heart of each chlorophyll molecule is an atom of magnesium (Mg), making the nutrient actively involved in photosynthesis. Magnesium also aids in phosphate metabolism, plant respiration and the activation of many enzyme systems.

  • Phosphorus Carrier

    Magnesium acts as a phosphorus carrier in plants, and is required for better root formation and thus for better nutrient and water efficiency in plants.

  • Photosynthesis

    Plants require Mg to capture the sun’s energy for growth and production through photosynthesis.

  • Mobility

    Magnesium is mobile within the plant and moves easily from older to younger tissues.

  • Magnesium Deficiencies

    When Mg deficiencies occur, the lower (older) leaves are affected first.

  • Epsom Salt    Epsom salt is a source of Magnesium for plants. It also Provides Sulphur.


Sulfur (S) is a part of every living cell and is important to the formation of proteins. Unlike the other secondary nutrients like calcium and magnesium (which plants take up as cations), S is absorbed primarily as the SO₄²⁻ anion. It can also enter plant leaves from the air as dioxide (SO₂) gas.

  • Chlorophyll Formation

    Although S isn’t a constituent of chlorophyll, it’s still vital in chlorophyll formation.

  • Seed Production

    Sulfur aids in seed production.

  • Nitrogen Fixation

    Leguminous plants need S for efficient nitrogen fixation.

  • Photosynthesis

    Sulfur is also important in photosynthesis and for winter crop hardiness.

  • Amino Acids & Proteins

    Sulfur appears in every living cell and is required for synthesis of certain amino acids (cysteine and methionine) and proteins.

  • Gypsum and Epsom   Both Gypsum and Epsom are sources of Sulphur as well. Hence using any one will ensure the delivery of Sulphur to plant.


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