Technical Solution 26 | Ecotika Epsom Salt | magnesium Sulphate

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  • Revitalize your garden (fast!). Premium magnesium sulfate
  • Say goodbye to yellow leaves!
  • Boost blooms, combat deficiencies. Best soil amendment,


  • Muscle relief & blissful soak. Premium Epsom salt flakes.
  • Unwind & indulge. Relaxing bath salts.
  • Spa-worthy bath, delivered monthly.


  • Top-rated magnesium supplements. Sleep better, feel better.
  • Restless legs? Muscle cramps? Soak in Epsom Salt.


Gardening Gurus:

  • Revitalize your garden with premium magnesium sulfate fertilizer! Boost plant growth, combat deficiencies & enjoy vibrant blooms.
  • Experience the Epsom salt difference! Nourish your soil with pure magnesium sulfate for unbeatable value.
  • Say goodbye to yellowing leaves! Our high-quality magnesium sulfate tackles deficiencies fast, ensuring optimal plant health.

Bath Bliss Seekers:

  • Melt away stress & soothe sore muscles with our luxurious Epsom salt bath soak!
  • Upgrade your bath routine with pure magnesium sulfate flakes! Experience ultimate relaxation & muscle relief. Compare brands & find the perfect fit for your needs.
  • Discover the secrets of a spa-worthy soak!

Health-Conscious Consumers:

  • Combat magnesium deficiency & improve sleep with our top-rated magnesium supplements!
  • Experience the benefits of magnesium for restless legs & muscle cramps!

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 35 × 24 × 4 cm

250 Grams, 400 Grams, 900 Grams




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4 reviews for Technical Solution 26 | Ecotika Epsom Salt | magnesium Sulphate

  1. Prashanth K

    I ordered recently and my packed arrived yesterday, the product is fantastic and is in crystalline form.

  2. Anonymous

    A slightly costly, but full marks on service and product quality

  3. Anonymous

    Crystalline product, love it. Iuse for my plants

  4. Nilesh pandya

    Good Product

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