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Key Features;

  • Vibrant, delicious berries: Experience bigger, sweeter blueberries bursting with flavor, season after season.
  • Healthy, thriving plants: Strengthen your blueberry bushes for optimal growth and resistance to disease.
  • Naturally acidic soil: Blueberry Sutra gently maintains the ideal pH level (4.5-5.5) for happy blueberries.
  • Organic goodness: Nourish your plants and the environment with this natural, eco-friendly formula.
  • Product based on tissue analysis, hence delivers exact ratios needed by Blueberry,
  • Professional grade product for soil application
  • Supplies both primary and Secondary nutrients.
  • Contains no Carbonates and Sodium
  • Bonus: Pair Blueberry Sutra with Ecotika Soil Acidifier for the ultimate blueberry care kit.
  • Can be used with Cranberry, Huckleberry.


Unlock the full potential of your blueberry plants with Blueberry Sutra, the professional-grade fertilizer designed specifically for their needs. This unique blend, crafted through tissue analysis, provides the exact ratios of primary and secondary nutrients blueberries crave

blueberry sutra

Imagine biting into a blueberry so sweet, so juicy, it bursts with summer sunshine on your tongue. That’s the magic of Blueberry Sutra, the fertilizer specifically designed to unlock the full potential of your blueberry plants.

Sure, you could use any fertilizer, but wouldn’t your precious berries deserve something better? Blueberry Sutra isn’t just “good enough,” it’s crafted with love and science to:

  • Nourish with precision: Forget generic blends. Blueberry Sutra uses tissue analysis to provide the exact nutrients your plants crave, leading to bigger, bolder berries.
  • Unleash natural sweetness: Experience a taste explosion with berries packed with rich flavor and antioxidant power.
  • Pamper with care: Create the perfect acidic environment blueberries thrive in, naturally and gently.
  • Reward your passion: See your plants flourish and resist disease, knowing you’re giving them the best.

Blueberry Sutra isn’t just a fertilizer, it’s a commitment to quality. It’s the difference between ordinary berries and extraordinary experiences. Choose Blueberry Sutra today and taste the love, care, and science in every delicious bite.

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2 reviews for PCS no 10 | Blueberry Sutra | Plant food for Blueberry

  1. Anonymous

    Loved it, since I bought Blueberry plant online, i notice the soil pH was above 8, which is not acceptable for blueberry. I was suggested this product by my peer, used it and this product not only reduced and maintained the soil Ph but also gave me wonderful results. I can guarantee this product is made with lot of research. Ecotika Good job

  2. Anonymous

    worth purchase for blueberry

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