Happening Hibiscus | Fertilizer for Hibiscus (Gudhal, गुड़हल) plant for flowering | PCS 31

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  • Best fertilizer for hibiscus plants: A fertilizer that is high in potassiumproportional ratio of Nitrogen and phosphorus to suit Hibiscus
  • Hibiscus fertilizer is good for other tropical plants including palm etc.
  • Happening hibiscus can also be used as liquid hibiscus fertilizer by fermenting it
  • Happening hibiscus fertilizer is good for both indoor and outdoor plants
  • Happening Hibiscus is an organic fertilizer
  • First effect of happening hibiscus is increase in the number of blooms.
  • Get bigger and brighter blooms with happening Hibiscus
  • Happening Hibiscus is also a growth booster and can revitalize long dormat plants as well,
  • Use only once in 35 to 40 days @ 30 to 40 grams per plant in pot, for plants in direct gaden soil use 50 to 60 grams can also be increased to 100 grams for older plants bigger than 5 feet.
  • Happening Hibiscus is a complete plant food, which means it has all the required macro and micronutrients



For Pots, Start with 25 grams fo the product for an average pot size of 12 Inches, applied at a regular interval of 60 days. Dose to be altered in accordance with plant height and age
For Soil application, Start with 35 grams of the product with above mentioned frequency and dosage is to be altered in accordance with plant height and age.


This product is meant for sub surface application and not on surface. To use make a trench of at least 2 inches deep and at a distance of about 2-3 inches from plant stem. Distribute the requisite amount of product in the trench and then backfill the trench with soil.

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8 reviews for Happening Hibiscus | Fertilizer for Hibiscus (Gudhal, गुड़हल) plant for flowering | PCS 31

  1. Nirjhar Sarkar

    Truly Multipurpose product, I used with gardenias.

  2. Govind Thakker

    My Hibiscus looks stunning and got good flowering

  3. Abhishek Chaturvedi

    Worth every rupee

  4. Dr. Nirankar Goel

    Expensive but a good product

  5. Praful Shah

    Leaves have a shiny sheen and flowers are vibrant

  6. Dr. Shivakumar

    This single product took care of most of my flowering plants including hibiscus, gardenia, passion plant, even Indoor plants like money plant and areca palm

  7. Neeraj Atri

    Results are slow to come, you have to use it longer for getting results

  8. Naddem Sheikh

    good product, great results

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