Combo Neem Whole and Mustard seed meal 500 Gms each

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Combination of Mustard seed meal and Whole neem fruit meal for use in variety of applications ranging from fertilizers to pest repellents. Fit for use in organic gardens.

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Key Features;

  1. Made for each other; Combination of Neem and Mustard seed meals brings to the table the whole bouque of nutrients. Neem Is rich in Phosphorus and Potassium and also acts as slow release fertilizer and pest repelleant, whereas Mustard is one of the fast acting fertilizers.
  2. Professional Growers Choice, Professional rose growers have traditaionally been mixing both these meals to give there rose plants the best nutrition for best flowering and vigorous growth. Roses need acidic soil and neem helps to achieve just that.
  3. Use in Multiple ways; Both in any combination can be used directly, made into fertilizer tea or can be used as suspension. This aids in ease of use and range.
  4. More than fertilizer it is soil health management, Not just any de-oiled seed meal, this is Whole seed meal with all its content mixed with special CEC enhancing ingredients. This enables it to feed soil biology and make soil retain more nutrients.

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