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Is your garden suffering from “Boron” symptoms?

Stunted growth, misshapen leaves, and poor fruit set can point to a hidden culprit: boron deficiency. This easy-to-fix issue starves your plants of a key nutrient.

Symptoms to watch for include stunted growth, yellowing leaves, and cracked fruits/vegs.

Give your plants the “Boron” boost they crave! Our product provides readily available Boron to:

  • Fight back against deficiency symptoms.
  • Promote healthy growth and vibrant leaves.
  • Increase fruit yield and quality.

Application Method: Mix 1-2 grams per liter with water and apply to soil, foliar spray directly on leaves.


Frustrated with stunted growth, misshapen leaves, and poor fruit set? Your plants might be suffering from a hidden hunger – boron deficiency. This essential micronutrient plays a vital role in cell wall formation, sugar transport, and reproduction, and its absence can wreak havoc on your beloved garden.

But don’t despair! This product description can help you identify the problem and restore your plants to vibrant health.

Spot the Signs of Boron Starvation:

  • Stunted growth: Plants appear dwarfed with shorter stems and smaller leaves.
  • Leaf woes: Look for misshapen leaves with curling, cupping, or blistering. Yellowing between leaf veins, often starting at the tips and margins, is another telltale sign.
  • Brittle leaves: Touch them, and they crumble easily – a sure sign of weakened cell walls.
  • Reproductive concerns: Distorted flowers, poor fruit set, and malformed vegetables with cracks or discoloration are common symptoms.

Give Your Plants the Boron Boost They Need:

This Boron provides readily available boron to address these deficiencies and revitalize your garden. It’s the perfect solution for:

  • Cruciferous veggies: Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale
  • Stone fruits: Apples, pears, cherries, peaches, plums
  • Root vegetables: Beets, carrots, celery
  • And many more!

See the Difference Boron Makes:

  • Healthier growth: Witness vigorous plants with strong stems and lush foliage.
  • Improved leaf quality: Say goodbye to misshapen leaves and enjoy vibrant, healthy foliage.
  • Enhanced yields: Experience better fruit set, fewer malformations, and higher quality produce.

Easy to Use, Long-Lasting Results:

Simply mix 1-2 grams per liter with water and apply to soil, foliar spray directly on leaves. This Boron is formulated for long-lasting effects, ensuring your plants have the boron they need throughout the growing season.

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